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Auntie Kim’s Pound Cakes are made with the freshest ingredients like rich creamy butter, fresh eggs and the purest extracts. Our pound cakes are homemade by Auntie Kim herself, and we hope your friends and family enjoy eating the cakes as much as she enjoys baking them. Our goal is for you to “Taste the Love” in every bite.





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“Our Pound Cakes are made with LOVE!!”

I am a stay at home mom that LOVES to make pound cakes and I do it WELL! A pound cake goes with everything! It's great with coffee/tea/hot chocolate for breakfast, it's great as a snack and absolutely delicious for dessert! I particularly like to add edible glitter dust to the cakes to add sparkle and pizzazz! My goal is for you to taste the Love of what I do in every bite you take.

Not Just a Dessert

A pound cake goes with everything!  It compliments a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate for breakfast.  It’s a great choice when you need a snack.  And of course it’s absolutely a delicious dessert!  

Thinking of you, Birthdays & Events

Special Occasion Cards are available! 
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There is nothing like having a little bit of SPARKLE and presentation for your pound cake!  We will dazzle you when we add our tasteless sparkle dust to your cake.  Be the STAR of your work event, gift giving or your family dinner when you present this impressive cake.  

Featured Cakes

Follow the online aromas of our delicious moist pound cakes. 

One bite and your stomach will be jealous of your taste buds.

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Lemon Up
Chocoloate Chip Cookie
Classic Sparkle


your dreams come
to life

I was eight years old when my grandma started teaching me how to cook.  She started with the essentials: salmon croquettes, fried chicken, cake, cookies and cornbread.  I wasn’t learning culinary expertise, but I was learning how much my grandma cared for me.  I felt love when I cooked with her.

It wasn’t until many years later, however, that my baking really took off.  When my mother-in-law mentioned one day that she was craving pound cake.  I made her one, hoping she could taste the love in every bite.  Then I made another cake — and another — and another.  Soon, I was bringing pound cakes to every party and occasion.

Friends and family encouraged me to start a business and I took their advice.  Now it’s my customers telling me how much they enjoy my pound cakes.
Today, my niece always offers to help me bake pound cakes, just like when I use to bake with my grandma.  And when I bake my pound cakes, I think back to the first cooking lesson in the kitchen with my grandma and the feeling of learning how much she loved me.  I want to make other people feel important and loved too – and what better way than with a pound cake?

Auntie Kim’s Pound Cakes can be dusted with edible cake sparkle to give the cake that “dazzling” look  you desire.  Sparkle dust is the extra touch that will impress your friends, family, clients and co-workers.  Pound cake goes with everything – it’s a great with coffee of tea for breakfast, it’s delicious for dessert and it’s a no-shame midnight snack.  Click “Order Online” to place your order today!

Kimberly Boyd

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